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  • St Jude - £10.00
  • Our Lady of Guadalupe - £10.00
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Our Lady of Guadalupe flag
Made of cotton. Dimensions: 91.5cm H by 60cm W

Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos flag,
Made of cotton. Dimensions: 80cm H by 60cm H

For more than three hundred years, the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe has been celebrated and revered in Mexico as the Patroness of Mexican and Indian peoples, and as the Queen of the Americas.
She stands on home altars, lends her name to men and women alike, and finds herself at rest under their skin in tattoos. Guadalupeā€™s image proliferates on candles, decals, tiles, murals, and old and new sacred art. Churches and religious orders carry her name, as do place names and streets. Far from vulgarizing her image, these items personalize her and maintain her presence in daily life.